Painting the shop

Part of the lead up to the busiest time of year in retail, involves my assessment of colour throughout the newly purchased stock and the background displays throughout the shop, for the new season. The two elements must sit harmoniously, so that everything is pleasing to the eye, and this being so, I usually end up elbow-deep in paint tins for several days at the end of October, tackling the shop in four quarter sections, so that I can fit the time in for transforming the feel of the shop without disturbing business. Now that we are in November, happily, this has been completed in time, and the Christmas decorations are beautifully set off against the new colours.

Every couple of years, I naturally move towards a change in my preferred colour palette in life - I say this because I tend to move whole-heartedly and use the same colours at home, and throughout any new accessories I might buy for myself; diaries, laptop sleeves, beads, plant pots etc. So it is that, currently I am sitting at home writing this in a room newly painted in 'Rose-tinted White' from Edward Bulmer's range of natural paints. Like all his carefully created colours, it is exactly the right pale, plaster pink I had set my heart on, which works wonderfully as a hint-more-than-neutral colour to pair with picture-frames and antiques, and dusky blue-grey and/or green fabrics, as I have paired with here. Adding mulberry and wine and copper accents during Winter decorating will fit beautifully with the warm tones. For the last several years, my obsession has been the palest green/blues and greys (and also in the shop), and now the palette has decidedly changed.

I only use Edward Bulmer Natural Paints and I sell them through my shop; as far as I am concerned, they are quite simply the best paints you can buy, for every reason in addition to the colours; safe, eco-friendly, chemical-free, natural pigments, microporous (great for historic properties), no smell or headaches when you use them, safe for asthmatics and children's sensitivites, great value, to name a few excellent reasons from a long list.

The shop walls and shelving are now painted in this same delicate hue, Rose-tinted White, along with the contrasting and newly released Bulmer 'Brunswick Deep' green colour on the central table and in the window. So, essentially, dark, deep green with palest pink, makes a heavenly partnership, and the colours together make me think of one of my favourite roses, the 'Quicksand', on its dark stem. I also used both colours during the most recent photoshoot for the website, as per the image here, and also when re-designing the website last week, as I do annually.

We have also refurbished a room downstairs, to create a new flower studio, which is better for workshops and enables more space for all the floristry, whilst taking advantage of the naturally cooler temperature in the basement, for flowers. I spent a while trying to think of the right colour against which all flower shades will work, and none would clash, and have come up with Edward Bulmer's vibrant 'Navy Blue'. It looks dramatic and fabulous and the bright green of the plants against this colour couldn't be better.

In January, we're planning on painting the art gallery, moving from warm white to stone hues, in particular, 'Portland' and 'Dove' by Bulmer.

Do come in and visit and tell us what you think of the colours, and pick up one of the colour cards for yourself!


Edward Bulmer Natural Paint Colours used:

Rose-tinted White

White Lead

Brunswick Deep

Navy Blue