Lucy Simon Candles

In the studio room at the shop, Lucy Simon makes her own candles; a craft she has been practising since 2008. Having studied perfumery in London , she spends a lot of time combining botanic oils in new ways to create unique and more complex blends for her own candles. She has spent time in Grasse and Provence over the years, learning about the speciality oils extracted from the flowers grown there. She once found herself in the midst of a flotilla of flowers during the jasmine festival in Grasse, where the fresh scent of jasmine was sprinkled through the air above the heads of the townspeople. Scents evoke memories and this was surely the creation of a new inspiration for Lucy.


A clean, even burn; our candles are therapeutic and natural.

artists cards

We design and make a large proportion of our products. We also carefully source unique items from makers across the UK, and some small firms from across Europe who are masterful manufacturers, plus a few luxurious brands, exclusive to Bath, but also found in some of London's top shops such as Liberty, Heal's & Fortnum & Mason.


We stock a large selection of artists' cards - we think it's very important to showcase a selection of the many talented illustrators and designers in the UK. it's such a wonderful moment to open a beautiful and unusual card and our customers appreciate finding 'different' cards at Article whilst on that delicate mission of seeking the right card for a particular person..