Beeswax Dinner Candles - 'Forest Green'

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We make all our beeswax candles here at the shop, and we source the beeswax from a British farm and combine it with a braided cotton wick.

These candles do not drip, or smoke, or cause allergies - they are in fact the purest and safest candles possible, and give a lovely, long and even burn. The coloured varieties (the natural ones are the yellow ochre colour) have a small percentage of pigment dye added to the melted wax before it is poured into sheets, so that the colour will stay true and not flake.

We generally sell these in packs of 4, wrapped in brown paper and twine, but can sell in any quantity if you need more or less than this, so we have provided a 'single candle' option in the drop-down menu for ease of ordering other quantities.

We make these to just under an inch diameter which fits standard modern candleholders. The malleability of the wax means you can constrict the base easily yourself to fit into a smaller holder if necessary.

Burn time: approx 10 hours.

8 inches in length.

Best-seller for dinner-party gifts, thank you gestures, and reminders of older and simpler ways.....

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